How long is the current wait time?
It generally depends on the time of day. However, the average wait time is approximately 20 minutes.

What is included in the wash?
Please refer to the services that we offer.

Why does my car still have fur after my car was vacuumed?
Chances are you ride with your window down while your furry companion enjoys the breeze. In this instance fur gets blown everywhere; beneath your seats; between your seats; near the corner of your rear window etc.. If the fur sits there long enough, it will work itself into the upholstery and the vacuum may not be able to pick all of it up. In this case it is often recommended to have your car shampooed which will allow us enough time to remove 99.9% of the fur.

Is the trunk also vacuumed?
Yes. However, please make sure that it is about 80% empty so that we may properly vacuum out your trunk.

Will you remove my baby’s seat so that you may vacuum underneath?
Due to various types of restraints for child safety seats we will not remove the seat. We will only vacuum the seat itself and around the seat.

Will you clean the inside of the armrest or glove box?
Please refer to the services that we offer.

Will a buff & wax remove scratches?
Yes. 99.9% of the scratches may be removed. However, often times there are gouges* down to bare metal or primer. This is not something that can be buffed out and you may need to go to body shop for repair.

Do I need an appointment for a detail?
Yes. We have cliental that have scheduled their vehicle to be detailed and we may not be able to accommodate you the same day.

What is the lead time to schedule my detail?
A few days in advance is needed to schedule your detail.

 What is the lead time to schedule my detail?
A few days in advance is needed to schedule your detail.

How long does a detail take?
It generally depends on the condition of the car. We ask that you plan to drop off your vehicle in the morning and pick it up at a later time the same day. We will call you should we finish your vehicle sooner than anticipated.

Can I leave my car for a few days?
Unfortunately no. A vehicle takes a significant amount of space to be kept here. We are a hand car wash and detail shop so we are always moving vehicles. Having your car here longer than expected leaves us without the space to safely maneuver other vehicles.

Do I still qualify for the ladies/gentleman’s day if this is my significant other’s vehicle?
Please make sure that the person asking for/qualifying for the discount is the driver and the one paying. This is a small business and we try to be fair to everyone when it comes to providing discounted prices so be fair with us.

Do you offer any discounts on rainy/snowy days?
No. We have discounts on a regular basis.

I just washed my car but it rained. Will you wash it for free the next day?
Unfortunately we do not offer a rain/snowy or any form of insurance.

Why does it take so long to open the door during the winter?
There may be several reasons. One being that we are extremely busy and your car may not be able to enter without having to keep the door open. The last thing we want to do is let all of the heat during the winter. Secondly, chances are you are too far away from the door and just can’t to be seen or heard. In this instance, you’d have to pull up closer to the door carefully

Can I Smoke/vape inside the building?
Well, no. Not only is it unhealthy but it becomes a nuisance for non-smokers. Keep in mind that customers that come in here also bring in their children. IF you choose to smoke, please do so outside of the building 15ft away from any door of the building. Also, mind your cigarette butts. We are a business in a neighborhood and the last thing we want is litter.